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Paragon Blue League. Empty Paragon Blue League.

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Any blue gear will be permitted but only flawless gems allowed.
This league will be held TUESDAY nights 8pm PST.
The blue gear restriction will force you into choices between Critical chance and damage, Attack Speed Increase, Vitality, and your primary stat.
This blue league aims to eliminate the gear difference from the skill equation.
All health pots will be allowed.
Time will be allocated between sets for cooldowns to reset but not between individual matches.
Any Paragon Level permitted.
General Rules apply.

This will be a Tiered league

Paragon Blue League 1 million Sign up

Paragon Blue League 5 million Sign up

Paragon Blue League 10 million Sign up

Structure of leagues is provided in the information section.

*DISCLAIMER* - In the event that paragon levels have zero effect on pvp we will merge Renegade and Paragon Blue leagues.
- At the moment this league may be removed, looking to gauge interest in the community before a decision is made.


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