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General Rules. Empty General Rules.

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General Rules

You are responsible for understanding all rules and tournament formatting. If you are uncertain about anything please direct your questions towards an admin or to

As well as individual league rules, all leagues are to uphold these general rules.

-Upon death you are to resurrect as soon as you are able. This should take no longer than 8-10 seconds with the inherent cooldown.

-After each death you are to post score. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2 so forth. At the end winner should screen capture as a precaution.

-Who is playing who and at what times will be organized by us or z33k prior to the event. All rounds are randomly paired regardless of ranking.

-Only combatants and admins/referees are allowed in game during a match (no friends or extras of any kind can be in game, not even in town).

-You may start your duel with your opponent as soon as you know who you are being matched against. However, you will not be considered as late to your match until the scheduled time. You may start early only if both parties consent.

-You will need to add your opponent(s) to your friends list and it will be up to your discretion whether you remove them or not afterwards.

-If you are not present at the time of a scheduled event for which you have signed and paid you will be automatically forfeit. This also applies if you leave early during a set you are currently participating in for any reason (even if this is due to connection issues). You will be allowed a total of ten minutes to reconnect.

-If you disconnect multiple times you do not get ten minutes each disconnect but a cumulative total of ten minutes offline before you are disqualified regardless.

-Should a major event of any kind occur that interrupts the tournament (unscheduled server outage/major latency issues) the event for that week will be scrapped and all progress for that particular tournament will be wiped clean with no rankings recorded. All funds submitted will be held and considered as payment for admission to the next tournament the following week unless a refund is specifically requested.

-You are only allowed one class per week per each league event. If you wish to change classes between events you may do so. Please note you are locked into the class you register as until the following week at the time of registration, not the at time of the event.

-Total rankings will be based on account regardless of any mix of classes you might use week to week.

-You may not leave the arena during a match, if you do you instantly and automatically forfeit. There will be time allotted to return to town to heal and change skills/wait for cool-downs between matches.

-In between matches both parties have the option to take 30 seconds to break to change skills or gear (if allowed in the particular league). An additional one time use 1 minute timeout may be taken each round. It is at the discretion of both players to keep track of this timeout as well as reporting any abuses. You are to call “TIME OUT” in chat. Please note that this timeout may only be used in between matches and not during.

-Changes in builds are not restricted. You may reconfigure anything as you please between matches or even mid-combat if you believe yourself capable.

-You may change your gear load-out at any time so long as your gear falls within the rules for the league. For instance you may not switch to a legendary at any time while participating in a Blue League but you may switch out a weapon or armor at will even mid-combat.

-Each contestant pair is responsible for reporting the victor of their respective set to an admin or z33k (depending on which ranking structure we end up using). If any discrepancies occur you are to contact an admin/referee to mediate.

-Recording of matches is encouraged but not mandatory. It is a useful tool for exposing cheaters as well as a fun way to share your epic victory (or defeat) with others.

Exposing cheaters is an effort that everyone is responsible for. However, some people like to cause problems just for the sake of causing problems and fair players get caught in the crossfire. If you are found to be in violation of any league rules it will be up to the discretion of the admins as to what action to take. This includes anything from a warning issued to immediate removal from the leagues with no refund depending on the severity of the violation. We will consider withdrawing any judgement against an offender should the offended contestant voice the wish to forgive the incident. Screenshot and video evidence will always be taken into consideration.


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