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Post  Subject#1412 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:34 pm

Private Duels - We also host individual matches independent of any leagues. Should you wish to place a wager on a match with another player that you don’t wholly trust or know to pay up afterwards in the event of his loss, then, for a 10% fee we can help!

We will hold the entirety of the wagers placed by both parties and oversee the match. Afterwards we will award the fair winnings to the victor as an unbiased third party in the affair. Please note that this service is available for wagers placed at a minimum of 10 million gold per player or higher only.

If you wish to wager an item instead of gold then it cannot be used in the duel as it must be surrendered to us prior to the beginning of the match. Only 5% of the estimated gold value of both items must be paid in full rather than the usual 10% fee when using gold as the wager.

Should you wish to initiate such duels during one of our hosted tournaments while you wait for your next set there will be opportunities to borrow one of our staff members for a quick bout.


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